Monday, 27 June 2016

3 Ways to Wear It

The typical temperamental British weather always makes it difficult to choose an outfit to wear, but this rich red, straw-tie detail hat (from a Winter Wonderland fashion stall - can you believe it?!) is perfect for summer or winter - come rain or shine.

Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of Anita from 101 Dalmatians - it oozes class and is very versatile while being a great statement piece, as I don't often wear hats!

See below for the three outfits I created all centered around the hat, that all total under £50 - frugal and fashionable!

Lunch Date

This outfit's lightweight polo neck is an ivy green which closely matches the colour of the patterned trousers. The diamond print contains dark reds and pinks which harmoniously combines the colour scheme. To make it a more casual affair, you can roll up the trousers to get the ballet shoes tied higher up the leg.
Hat - Winter Wonderland stall £15, Polo neck - H&M £9.99, Trousers - H&M £9.99, Shoes - Primark £8, Necklace - Dorothy Perkins £2.99 (sale)


This is a Saturday-lunch-turned-late-night-session kind of outfit; you want to be prepared to go out dancing after your civilised lunch, once the third bottle of Prosecco has been uncorked. Pairing some skyscaper glittery boots with a textured grey dress keeps the colour palette simple, whilst the reds and bronzes in the necklace bring out the hat's deep red colour, tying the outfit together.
Hat - Winter Wonderland stall £15, Dress - Primark £14.99, Shoes - New Look, £9.99 (sale), Necklace - Free (gift from fashion internship)

Work - Smart Casual

This is probably my favourite outfit out of the three, and the one I wear most often to the office - think Fashion Friday, that you can also wear after work to that drinks do. The bardot top is so on point at the moment, and is lightweight, plus the crochet detailing on the sleeves and hem is adorable. Pair this with dogtooth deep purple culottes and the neckscarf, and you are slaying it. The hat picks out the purples and reds from the culottes and the neckscarf, making this outfit simultaneously super flirty yet totally chic.
Hat - Winter Wonderland stall £15, Bardot top - Spanish Market £5Shoes - Forever 21 £25, Neckscarf - Body Shop £3 (gift wrap option)

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