Tuesday, 31 May 2016

'Me Before You' Premiere

Thank goodness the event organisers decided to provide everyone with a pack of tissues before the screening because trust me, you’re going to need them.

The film adaptation of Me Before You is simply a work of art; to be honest, with a such a heart-wrenching plot provided by Jojo Moyes, it would be difficult not to produce something beautiful. With Emilia Clarke nailing the role of Lou Clark, and Sam Claflin playing Will down to a tee, the casting for this film was absolutely perfect. The screenplay itself was gorgeous and understated with a very British vibe the whole way through. By using the dull colours of her hometown to reflect Lou’s initially mediocre life, we are shown the direct contrast with her bubbly personality and illuminate her endless positivity. May I also just say how endearing Will’s grumpiness was – played spectacularly with appropriate subtlety and volume when necessary, Claflin enabled me to see passed his wheelchair prop. I felt his pain and saw his motivations; blatantly the sign of a very talented actor and I have no doubt that he’s only going to go from success to success.

Whilst the film deviated somewhat from the book’s original plot, evidently Jojo Moyes still supported the venture, as she had nothing but golden praise for the film’s director, Thea Sharrocke. All three women appeared (Emilia, Jojo and Thea) prior to the screening to give a brief speech, where Thea sweetly referred to the other two as 'the stripes of her bumblebee tights' (book/film in-joke for those of you unfamiliar with this reference!).

This is a truly touching piece of cinema that resonated with me and left me feeling uplifted thanks to Lou’s lovable quirkiness, along with a deep sense of appreciation for life. Cliché or not, the film’s message was stark and awakening: never take life for granted whilst you still have it and make the most of your time here. Travel the world and fall in love, because we never know when the things dearest to us will be taken away. #LiveBoldly

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