Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Veleza App Review

I discovered the Veleza app whilst scrolling through Instagram when lovingly admiring the #beauty hashtag content that social media has to offer. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have found it.
Veleza is a free mobile app that provides the space for a community of beauty lovers to come together and exchange beauty tips and advice with fellow beauty fanatics, bloggers, beauticians, make up artists and skincare professionals from around the world. Think Instagram… just purely beauty-based.

I know right… AMAZING.
In a digital world full of paid-for reviews, beauty products can be a minefield; what happens when your current foundation (that you spent years finding) has been discontinued, or if you want to try a new face cream but are scared of a major breakout?
Veleza answers your prayers – all the users provide independent, unbiased and transparent reviews of products, so you get honesty about the coverage of a foundation, or the longwear of a lippy. The app initially asks you a set of questions about your beauty regime and skin type so it can factor this into the suggestions of who to follow, making the integration into the app quick and simple so you can just jump right into the beauty world.
What’s more is that when sharing your beauty experience, the app will tag your post with the products, so that everyone in the Veleza community can discover the product and see the ingredients. For anyone who is worried about finding products specific to intolerances or lifestyle choices, such as vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free or organic products, there is a specific filter to direct you to these individual selections.
Veleza also has the most comprehensive beauty product database to date, as well as displaying the best local deals for your most favourite products, including price comparisons from such retailers as Sephora, Amazon, eChemist or FeelUnique - fabulous for saving more money (to spend at a later date on more cosmetics...)
With its awareness of the issues within the beauty world, Veleza is a real gamechanger for me. The embracing community willing to exchange personal recommendations and discuss their fears and issues is genuine and encapsulates the power of sharing in a safe environment where they won't be judged – it feels more like a group of friends having a beauty sesh and sleepover rather than isolated strangers from around the world.
Give it a couple of years and this will be huge: Veleza app is definitely one to watch.
To become an active and engaged member of the Veleza beauty community, download the app here.

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