Thursday, 28 April 2016

Rest your roots - 5 products for £5!

Your hair is weak, brittle and in need of some long-awaited TLC but payday is no closer than you are to being ‘Becky with the good hair’.

So how can you transform your dull, lacklustre locks to achieve strengthened, sumptuous and sleek tresses? (Especially when the likes of argan oil is so frickin’ expensive – 125ml of Moroccanoil Treatment is £31.50!)
Well my soon-to-be silky-haired friends, thanks to my nosiness which is nigh on impossible to curtail, I went into a Poundworld for some standard homeware bits and bobs, and emerged with an abundance of haircare products.

Say what you will, turn your nose up if you feel so compelled, but when I saw the sheer amount of argan oil products they supplied – all at the advertised price of a measly £1 – I knew I was onto something. Of the argan oil products, I only got the oil itself and heat protector spray suffused with oil, but there were about 8 other products all made with the pioneering heavenly oil-infused haircare tool  – if I used more than 2 oil-based products at once in my grease-prone hair, I’d look like a dripping buffoon, slimy and sopping.

My hair tends to have exceptionally dry ends, and it becomes greasy quite quickly, so for that reason I only use argan oil on the tips. On wet hair combed with a wide-toothed comb (helped by the divine-smelling Schwartzkopf Detangling Spray), I add a couple of drops of argan oil to my hands and rub my palms together to get an even coating. Then I bring all of my hair over both shoulders and run my fingers through it like a makeshift comb, focusing on the ends and applying the oil no higher than ear-height. If I have any excess oil left on my fingers, I massage it into my elbows, as it helps moisturise them and keep them soft and supple.

My top 5 Poundworld products that produced amazing results, for minimal money:

  1. Argan Oil Hair Treatment
  2. Schwartzkopf Detangling Spray (Strawberry scent)
  3. Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask
  4. Alberto Balsam Superfruits Shampoo & Conditioner (Mango and Passion Fruit)
  5. Argan Oil Heat Defense Leave In Spray

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