Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Chelsea Bridge Massage*

Thank you Chelsea Bridge Clinic for inviting me down for a full body massage; it was sheer bliss. I met with my therapist Bianca (a stunning green-eye beauty) who got me to fill in the standard forms about the problem areas on my body (eg. back pain, joint pain) and then I was lead through the quaint clinic to a treatment room. Although offered, I declined the temporary underwear which were horrific... some sort of  confused grandmother mullet pants - Bridget Jones in the front, and tooth floss in the back. Having said this, I am yet to find a spa that offers sexy temporary underwear - a girl can dream.
The massage began and as soon as her lotion-lathered fingers touched my skin, I turned to putty in her hands... I was so relaxed, all I could do was grunt my muffled replies to "is this pressure okay for you?" and "how is the room temperature for you?"
Although I am normally a back and scalp kind of girl, it was when she began working out the knots in my calves and giving my tootsies individual massages of their own, that I thought I would melt into the bed with pleasure. She went to town on my chest and neck, gently alleviating the stresses I'd evidently been holding there by the various clicks and crunches, and then she began a snake charmer-esque wiggle movement with my arms and fingers that, although at first I found peculiar, ended with my shoulders feeling looser and freer than they have in years.
Finally was her personalised advice for my lower back problems that often stiffen me up and result in looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame - she showed me a variety of exercises that enabled my back to loosen and release the taut muscular issues that were posture-related. She helped me with these to get maximum effect whereby I laid flat whilst she twisted me, stretching my lower back and initiating a resounding clunk, which I'm sure echoed down the hallways, reverberating for minutes afterwards!
It was a great massage with new techniques I haven't experienced before, made all the more memorable by the assistance and advice given to help me in everyday life to ease my aching lower back. 
Kudos for maximising this clinic's potential through the alliance with Trรจs Spa - I will definitely be returning.